Foreign media disclosure of 400 copies of the aviation report refers to the Dubai aviation pilots fatigue driving

Dubai Airlines still requires pilots to work overtime
According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported on the 31st, UAE Lian Airlines Dubai Airlines (flydubai) occurred in March the first air crash, 62 people were all killed, the reason may involve the pilot mistakes. British "Guardian" recently received 413 copies of the Dubai Airlines internal security report, indicating that part of the pitcher overtime work seriously, or even forced to work overtime, easily lead to fatigue, threatening flight safety. The pilots pointed out in the report that even if they warn of threats to flight safety, Dubai Airlines still asked the pilots to work overtime, criticizing the company should not put pressure on the pilots, or trying to use the pilots beyond the limits of the work. The report also pointed out that some of the pilots were too tired to suspend the work, the anti-duty pilots on the burden of heavier, and even the pilots tired in the flight doze off. Many pilots complained that the company often change the schedule, the pilots day and night shift, so that the pilot in the long-distance flights between the lack of adequate rest time. There are senior pilots of the European airline, said Dubai Airways pilots over the report more than imagined, especially in March after the crash, so that the outside world suspected Dubai Airlines asked to work overtime, whether the violation of the aviation safety code. Dubai Airlines insists that the company complies with all regulatory codes and emphasizes that the pilots who refuse to continue flying will not be subject to disciplinary action. The airline will set a minimum number of rest periods for its pilots, and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched a new example early this year asking airlines to ensure that the pilots are at least 10 hours before their attendance, including 8 hours "undisturbed Sleep time ".

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