Beijing even crash 6 car driver to exclude drunk driving car owners no official background

The driver of the training of a certain criminal detention has been the police
At noon on October 26, Beijing Chaoyang District Beiyuan home district junctions crash, more vehicles and other red light car was rear of a Audi car suddenly collided, the accident caused a death four injuries. October 30, the police issued a circular that the perpetrators for the training of a certain, the test did not suspected of poison driving drunk driving, has been the police criminal detention. As the name of the driver in the notice and the vehicle owner Wu Moumou registered, causing users questioned. Some users suspected that the perpetrators were replaced, that the owner Wu Moumou officials background. On November 4, the police again made a briefing to deny the owners as government officials. Verified, the owner of the driver for the wife of his wife, 45 years old, Henan Xinyang people, business in Beijing. A car accident caused a death 4 injured on October 26 at 12 o'clock or so, Beiyuan home district traffic lights in front of a serious car accident occurred. According to one of the drivers were introduced, when he was in the north-south road to the left of the road lane normal waiting for the red light, "do not know how the child, suddenly rushed out of a car hit me, 'bang' Sound, was shocked. " The driver told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the vehicle is a black Audi car, while the collision is also waiting for the red light of six or seven cars. A van turned left is also knocked over, the van rollover in the process of suppressing a pedestrian crossing the road. 26 evening, according to the general hospital doctors and the injured family confirmed that pedestrians Dingmou died by the rescue. Dingmou colleagues to the North Green newspaper reporter said that the accident occurred, Ding Mou just get off work, is going to go across the road to eat, in the crosswalk was knocked down. It is understood that the accident occurred, Dingmou where crosswalk has been shown green light. May 30, the police issued a notice that the scene of the driver to practice a breath of alcohol detection, the test results show that they are not suspected of drinking driving motor vehicles, after the test results also ruled out its poison The possibility of driving. The driver of the training of a certain criminal detention has been the police. After a netizen based on the scene of the accident photos, retrieve the accident Audi car license plate owners Wu Moumou, and the driver in the notice "to practice a certain (male, 32 years old, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City)" does not match, so question the driver was "Top pack". November 3, Ding Mou University of Foreign Economic and Trade University 2011 alumni release article said that after the accident, the driver of the identity of the accident, the cause of the accident, the vehicle and other content there is doubt. Soon, this article was forwarded and commented on a number of social networking sites. Some users suspected that the owner Wu Moumou government officials, the driver is the official son. The police informed the owner of the identity of non-officials November 4, the Beijing police released a briefing, October 26 12 am, in Chaoyang District, Beiyuan Road and Chunhua Road intersection south, practicing a certain (male, 32 years old, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province) alone driving the Beijing brand small car from south to north, with the same direction at the intersection waiting for a red light of six motor vehicles collided, killing one person died, four people were injured. After the accident, the traffic control department immediately rushed to the scene for accident investigation, rescue the injured; on-site control of the driver to practice a certain, and its drunk driving, poisoning detection (by testing, practicing a certain blood alcohol content is zero, urine test drug was Negative); the parties and the relevant witness investigation and evidence collection; access to the surrounding surveillance video; to carry out the relevant inspection and identification. At present, the driver of the training of a certain accident on the grounds of traffic accident was criminal detention. Also verified, the vehicle owner of the vehicle registration of a professional relatives of Wu Moumou (male, 45 years old, Xinyang City, Henan Province, business in Beijing). Traffic management departments are now carrying out further investigation work, improve the relevant evidence, and will continue in accordance with the statutory procedures to determine the accident liability. Yesterday afternoon around 4 o'clock, Beiqing newspaper reporter Dingmou aunt that family members have been entrusted lawyers to deal with the matter. Text / newspaper reporter Kuang Xiaoying Kong Ling Han

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