The right turn of the car with the car back to the car was dragged 100 meters

There are a lot of electric cars often with the motor vehicle robbed the scene
The right turn of the car with the car backpack car parked in the car was dragged 100 meters accident scene junction machine non-mixed electric vehicles often with motor vehicles to grab the road today at 9:30, together in Hangzhou Xixi Road, the new pavilion bus station Next to the car accident, the scene of the tragic scene so many pedestrians have cast a blind eye, could not bear to see. "Riding an electric car is a big sister, most of the body are rolled in the construction of the car, the head and body are separated. I heard that the car was dragged more than 100 meters." Witnesses of the scene of the witness said. Rider was involved in the construction vehicle wheel under the death of the small tube is the Xixi Road, "House" of the waiter, "less than 10 o'clock, I was outside to rest, I heard that the new pavilion in front of an accident, and rush to see. To the scene of the accident, the tube completely dumbfounded, "too miserable!" A red engineering vehicle parked in the Xixi Road, the fast lane, the front wheel with a stature of a slightly fat woman, most of the body are under the wheels, riding The electric car is also rolling deformation ... ... "people are not neat, arm broken, his head was gone." Small tube noted that the ground next to the electric car there is a group of white things, "is small The right side of the wheel with a black scratches mark, a long one, from the west of the Lingxi Road and Xixi Road, the traffic lights have been extended to the junction of the road to the right side of the car, New gazebo bus station nearby. "I think this big sister is likely to be carried by the engineering car, from the traffic lights all the way to drag over." Small tube said. Reporters along the direction of the tube finger, estimated not far from the Lingxi North Road and Xixi Road traffic lights junction, from the new pavilion bus station that there are more than 100 meters distance. When the car was turned right with a reverse battery car Some people tried to block the car did not respond when the interview, access to a section of the surveillance video, clearly record the right turn after the trip to the new pavilion before the trip to the whole process. From the video, the reporter saw 9:30 or so, engineering vehicles along the Lingxi North Road from south to north after driving, arrived at the junction, the right turn into the east and west of the Xixi Road. At the beginning of the turn, the reporter did not find the electric car in the front position, but when the engineering car just transferred to the Xixi Road, the car under the front wheel of the electric car, that is, when the accident has occurred, the electric car was Stuck in the car under the engineering car. After the turn, the nearby pedestrians soon discovered the accident of the engineering vehicle, three pedestrians hurried through the non-motorized road, across the green belt directed at the project car shouting. At this time, however, the construction vehicle did not seem to notice the wandering of the pedestrian, until the bus was stopped by the bus at the bus station until the bus traveled to the more open bus station. From the engineering car turning hit the battery car, to the car stopped, the whole process less than 25 seconds. Video providers told reporters that when the incident, the construction vehicle is turning right, the speed is not fast. He guessed, when the electric car may also be driving in the Lingxi Road, I do not know is the right turn with the construction vehicle, or ready to go straight ahead of the two cars are relatively close. There are a lot of electric cars often with the motor vehicle robbed the scene, there are passers-by things on the electric car, speculation that the rider may be near the West River flower business people. Yesterday at noon, the reporter in the flower city north of an aquarium door, heard a man crying voice. A clean aunt whispered to reporters, the morning of the woman is the name of the cry of the man's wife, the couple here to run an aquarium, selling some small fish, kittens, puppies, has been four or five years. Aquarium proprietress should be early in the morning from the south of the market to buy back, when approaching their own shop, out of trouble. Reporters then learned from the traffic police department, 9:30 Xu, Lou Moumou (male, 33 years old, driving age 7 years) driving Zhejiang A7E3 ** heavy dump truck in the West Lake District Lingxi North Road from south to north Xixi intersection, and Hwang (female, 43 years old) driving the no-type electric bicycle traffic accidents, resulting in Hwang died on the spot. At present, the accident is under further investigation. Yesterday afternoon, 1 pm, the reporter once again came to the incident, found that Lingxi North Road and not like Xixi Road, clear separation of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle lane, and this road is facing the north junction is a round cake Lights, no turn left, right turn, straight line indicator. 20 minutes after the intersection, the reporter found that the intersection of traffic is busy, an average of every 5 minutes there will be a vehicle running through. And let the reporter scared is that many waiting at the intersection waiting for the traffic lights of the electric car few rules to wait on the right, and some even stopped at the middle of the intersection, and the car robbed.

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